Terrae Duro (natural base plaster)

Terrae Duro is a hydraulic base plaster of medium granulometry (maximum particle size 2.5mm) with very high grip and excellent breathability.

Terrae Duro is very versatile high performance mortar suitable as base plaster, single layer plaster and building mortar for stone and brick masonry.


The composition of Terrae Duro is based exclusively on natural raw materials like lime, metal oxides. marble, dolomite, quartz, pozzolan and natural hydraulic lime. It does not contain any cement, toxic substances, petrochemicals or volatile organic compounds (0%VOCs)


Suitable for green building and bioclimatic design.

Terrae Duro is naturally bacteriostatic and fungistatic.

Highly breathable material, regulating indoor moisture levels.

Improves indoor air quality

Highly durable even in adverse conditions such as in coastal areas.

Suitable in historical applications due to its natural composition and compatibility with historical materials and techniques.

Suitable for pointing rock masonry.


Terrae is about green buidling.

Contact us to let you know why we choose green building, the advantages, the cost and get answers to all your questions.

Application Instructions


The substrate must be clean, fully cured, solid and sound, uniform and homogeneous.

Prior to application we thoroughly wet the substrate.

Mixing Procedure

Add 5.5 liters of water per 25kg bag, in a container and gradually add the bags mixing with a plaster mixer.

Only mix whole bags.

Mix for approximately 5 minutes, until a uniform paste is achieved (initially it will appear dry, do not add water, just keep mixing).


Use a trowel or other appropriate tool for initial layering ,leveling with a float and finishing with a soft sponge float if a very smooth finish is required. It can also be burnished and polished, chiseled (after one day of curing) and numerous other ways.

Discreet surfaces must be applied uninterrupted to avoid visible joints, always finishing on the edges of intersecting surfaces.

For the first 24 ours after initial application keep surfaces damp with light uniform sprinkling. Quick drying must be avoided as with all plasters when curing.

Wash tools with water.